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Hi, I'm Alex

I am a multipassionate online entrepreneur, anti-chaos designer and empathetic tell-it-like-it-really-is woman with a clear goal: helping ambitious and power businesses become courageous brands in being authentic, approachable and turning leads into buying fans.


A lot of businesses still fall into the trap of sounding overly bland and exchangeable in their marketing. Please stop it! You don’t sound professional when you do business small talk. You are doing yourself and your client a disservice. Honest communication means intimate communication – you have a powerful solution for your clients’ problem. Take action! Your brand needs your authentic voice!

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The Power of a strong brand

A strong brand consistently uses every customer touchpoint; you will know it instantaneously just by seeing its color, font, or expressions. That delivers trust – and we like things that are safe.

Customer loyalty is the natural effect of a continuously positive emotional experience, physical attribute-based satisfaction, and perceived value of a strong brand.

When your brand tells a story that people want to hear, they’ll repeat it to friends, family, and strangers at the bus stop. They become your brand ambassadors.

Your brand is your guarantee. Your customer knows that. Anything that originates from you, the ‘strong brand,’ will be met with curiosity and reliance.

A brand that knows what it stands for, and that can clearly communicate its vision and goals, is highly attractive to loyal team members. They can identify with its core values and share a common vision.

Easy to understand benefits, a strong personality and emotional communication make brands approachable. And people buy from real people. The power of a strong brand gives you the ability to raise prices. Why? Because you’ve become great at what you do. And obviously; GREAT sells better than GOOD, which fuels growth.

Let's work together – wholistically!

Let's make your brand personality visible!

I show ambitious entrepreneurs how to become courageous brands, attracting clients and not just ‘looking pretty’.

I guide you through all phases.

Phase 1

Your vision and goals, your message for your audience, your brand voice, anchoring topics in your marketing.

Phase 2

A clear design system, easy to use that supports the personality of your brand and your message visually.

Phase 3

Lead your clients with ease into your perfect offer. Let’s create an engaging way to communicate instead of a static page.

I know a lot of designers, I also know a lot of sales psychologists, but I don't know anyone who operates precisely on the 'cutting edge' between these crafts. Alex has completely turned our website upside down and optimized it technically, visually, psychologically and in terms of content. Brilliant!

Florian Kaiser​
Founder of Inbox Marketing​
We had difficulties creating an attractive and engaging website with a suitable brand design. Alex got so much out of our own initial fragments of what we wanted. Working with Alex is just amazing, and you can see that in the great result of our new brand design and the new website that is now being created.

Diana Uhlig
Salon Management at Hair Styling Michèle​

A brand is a voice and a product is a souvenir.

– Lisa Gansky

Sparringpartner needed?

Your ideas are numerous and you want to structure them first or have very specific feedback so that you can take a big step forward? Then book the Thriving Brand Call.

Thriving Brand Call


In this power session, we talk branding and business. In these 90 minutes, I am at your side with advice and deeds when it comes to your brand appearance: starting a business, focus & structuring, offer, communication, design, website etc.

Ready to help you – ideal if you need crisp feedback, expertise and hands-on tips. Together, we roll up our sleeves and give structure and alignment to your ideas for your brand.

€ 230 (without VAT)

Before working with Alex, I was just overwhelmed and did not know how to communicate my offer on my website. My previous brand design no longer suited my business. Alex brought my wild and scattered ideas into a clear structure and connected all the dots. She is my 'brand maker' number 1 and I always recommend her.
Constantin Bachfischer
Specialist for Self-Development
Working with Alex is like having someone read your mind. Every step of her process is clear and structured, creating a brand design I love and make it come alive on my new website, as well.

Frank Henning
Kambo Practitioner & Biohacking
My old brand design and website were OK. Alex really showed me that they could be much more than just OK – especially in terms of communicating my unique offer. She immediately understood where I wanted to go, although I had trouble articulating what I exactly wanted. She created more than just my logo and website, as I could draw even interior design ideas for my shop from my brand moodboard. Her process is truly wholistic.
Michael Neller
Sir Leder Michel
Alex has her processes down to the T. I love my new brand design and getting there felt like a breeze. We even optimized some of my internal business processes along the way. I really didn't not expect that. Alex is full of wonderful suprises. And I am already looking forward to my new website that's going live soon. Thank you so much!

Sybille Wolf
Doctor & Coach